Across the Golden Desert

by Greg Johnson

Continuing the story from Beyond the Red Mountains, Luther has ensconced Elizabeth in his fortress to teach her the ways of the Enlightened, but she wonders if he has trapped her there. As she discovers his secrets and the dark corners of his world, she becomes increasingly aware of her power, and vows to escape. Meanwhile, Kelvin refuses to believe that Elizabeth is lost to him forever. When he learns where she is — Across the Golden Desert — he is compelled to find her and defeat Luther. Kelvin sets out on a journey that pits him against adversaries otherworldly and human. His determination and love for Elizabeth bring Kelvin to the brink of survival just as she is realizing her destiny. Events collide in ways that neither of them imagined as they are guided by forces not of their choosing.

Beyond the Red Mountains

by Greg Johnson

​Kelvin and Elizabeth grew up in different places, both taught that they were the only people to survive the Dark Days—but they start to question this when they begin to hear strange tales that suggest otherwise.   
When fate brings them together it creates more questions than answers…Will Kelvin get enough answers in time to help free his home from the evil man who rules it?  He hopes that following his ancient map to the last resting place of the mysterious fourth Founder of Triopolis will reveal the information he seeks.  
When an accident forces Elizabeth to flee with Kelvin, they are set on a path that will lead him home.  During their journey, they will discover an ancient race of people who have unbelievable powers over the natural world—and they learn how to fight off the evil that threatens their world.


Greg Johnson